by Jonny Lamin

Artwork by Jonny Lamin

WHO is he?
“My name is Rick Leigh, I’m sort of a multi-instrumentalist (which is sort of an alternate name for “never being able to make your mind up/sticking to one thing!”). I was brought up in a musical household, my parents and sisters all play various instruments we used to sing a lot together too. Music was always playing somewhere in the house, so I was sort of surrounded by it as a child.”

WHY did he get into music?
“I don’t ever think I made a conscious decision to start playing but my earliest memory is at about the age of 6 being handed a trumpet to try out at school and feeling very comfortable with it and related to it and music more generally, and that feeling hasn’t really left me.

WHAT is the inspiration behind his songs?
“I spend quite a lot of time thinking about textures, layers the sonic space within music so that’s sort of my starting point, but it really comes alive once I’ve added some sort of vocal line. I find the voice draws a lot of attention that the other elements can cling onto and support.”

Rick Leigh’s debut EP Everything is out now (stream on Spotify).

“This set of tracks has a two complimenting themes: masculinity and vulnerability which started to appear as I worked on them. Each song has its own individual story and focus but there’s an overriding notion of what it means to be a male and vulnerable. Two things that aren’t usually held together simultaneously.”

Rick Leigh.jpg

WHERE did he grow up?
“I grew up on a farm in Preston in Lancashire (North-West England) which is quite a rural area. Living in the countryside definitely gives you a certain sense of calm and awareness of nature that I really appreciate and I think in some ways that slowness and connectedness with my surroundings has effected my music, maybe in terms of its over ambience. However, I’m now living in London the contrast quite stark, it’s a whole different thing going on. The music scene is very inspiring with so many different things going on. There are so many scenes and sub-scenes that you can just get lost in and draw inspiration from.

WHEN can I see him live?
“I’m laying low for a little while at the moment, working on some more material and figuring out my live set-up but I hope to be doing some gigs around March/April 2018.”

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen & Watch: Soundcloud // YouTube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter


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