Maple&Rye by mystupidsketchbook
Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
“We are an indie-pop quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden who have been playing music together in this constellation since the summer of 2016. However, music has always been a part of each and every one of our lives. Leo and Milton are cousins and have been singing and playing music together since before they could walk. The first steps towards forming a band however were taken by Leo and Gustav when they were colleagues working at a supermarket. This is where they discovered a joint interest for hiding behind the yoghurt fridge to avoid working and making music! Milton joined soon after and in the summer of 2016, Henrik joined on drums to form the quartet Maple & Rye are today!”

Maple & Rye debut EP Nothing Poetic is out now.

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“When it comes to lyrics, we write and sing about absolutely anything and everything! Most of the time we draw on personal experiences or themes we care greatly about, but we still try to write our lyrics in a way that makes them accessible and relatable to a wide audience. The way I describe something close to my heart may be the same way someone else would describe something completely different. For us it is more about the feelings and emotions evoked by the lyric.”

“Musically, we have an extremely wide range of influences. We call ourselves an “indie-pop” band but there are definitely a few more genres we could add to that. We like to play around with folky acoustic guitar riffs, when we add three-part harmonies this can almost sound a bit country-like at times and our rhythms will often feel very rock-influenced. Essentially, it is a big mix of different genres and musical themes which we hope leaves us with a pretty unique sound!”

Maple & Rye

WHERE did they grow up?
“For the most part we all grew up in Gothenburg. This is the city that has brought us all together and the city which we all call home at the moment. This can probably be seen in a few of our songs through references and imagery, most notably in our latest single Hymns of Poseidon. The song is in part about our experiences as musicians in the city and we hope many Gothenburgers can relate to it!”

“Gothenburg is a city which has always been one of Sweden’s cultural hubs. It is a city that has been completely drawn into several musical crazes throughout the years and just about every single person in the city has their own musical love story be it to Bruce Springsteen, our local musical hero Håkan Hellström, one of the prominent heavy metal bands such as In Flames, or just about anything else! Henrik and Milton have both spent a significant amount of time in London and this may also be felt in a few of the songs. It has definitely contributed to our wish to play more in the UK as well as our joint love for some of the big bands to come out of the country (Mumford & Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Jack Garratt etc.).”

WHY are they called Maple & Rye?
“Haha it turns out that finding a band name is just about the hardest thing a human being can do in a lifetime. Had we turned our attentions to finding the meaning of life instead, I reckon it would have taken us half the time!”

“When we started out playing music, at the time before Henrik joined in on drums, we put a few tunes up online. We weren’t really ready to take ourselves too seriously so we uploaded the tracks under the name “Lönnroth & Rybo”. This was simply the last names of the three current members. When we decided to start taking the project a bit more seriously, we spent the better part of a year trying to come up with a cool sounding name that would reflect our style of music. However, after months of brainstorming and debating, we ended up just translating our last names into English. Lönn in Swedish means Maple and Rybo, sounds a bit like Rye!”

“Henrik joined a bit too late to get his last name translated into English but we assured him that the ‘&’ sign would forever be a symbol of him!”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We just returned from a release gig in London and next up we have a few gigs at home in Gothenburg. Most notably, we will be playing at Oceanen along with the very talented Buster Moe on the 24th of November!”

“After a second successful gig in London we are of course already looking into returning to the UK as soon as possible. The best way to keep informed regarding upcoming gigs is to follow us on social media and Spotify!”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Soundcloud // Spotify // Youtube

Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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