Sephine Llo by mystupidscketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is she?
Sephine Llo is Josephine Lloyd-Wilson, a classically trained musician and award winning composer and songwriter. Her debut album I, Your Moon is out 27th Oct on Tape Club Records.

“I remember dancing around in the dining room with my dad when I was really little to his record collection. I was always singing and flipping through his vinyl to find something to put on at dinner” Josephine recalls. “I also used to play with his guitar, though at that point I was just jamming open strings and making up silly songs.”

“The first time I started playing music properly was when a violin teacher came in to school to give a demonstration. She asked if anyone wanted a go – my hand shot up and from then music really took over my life. I studied violin, piano and singing classically, going through the grades and playing in orchestras and singing in choirs. Once I became a teenager, I started searching for my own voice. I got very bored of “virtuoso” playing – if felt just like showing off speed and technique to me, like it didn’t have a soul or personality. I found I could only write songs that I liked by starting them using an instrument I wasn’t trained in – there’s something much more pure and honest in simplicity and restrictions.”

“That’s when I became a collector of instruments from around the world – I have junk shops and eBay to thank for that! I also collect ‘found sounds’ from around the house and out and about…there’s everything from the over door slamming to footsteps in the snow on (her debut) album. I now feel I can go back to my classical roots and use choral and string additions in my songs in a way that is beautiful rather than ‘skilled’.”

“I studied Music and Sound Recording (the Tonmeister course) at University so that I could have control and take time over my own songs, though I’m finding now a similar frustration with the ‘polished’ sound I create. I am looking to capture more intimate performances rather than ‘perfect’ ones in the future.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind her songs?
“Relationships, of course! Mostly romantic ones, and some family ties as well. All of the songs on I, Your Moon were written before I met my husband and soulmate, so they are lyrically about crushes and heartbreaks, love and loss. With all that has happened since I was married, the next album is set to be quite different lyrically, love an loss through new eyes, with grief and new life being the themes in my more recent writing.”

WHERE is she from?
“Though technically a cockney, I’m a Surrey lass. Being surrounded by nature has definitely shaped my work. I’ve been known to stick a microphone out the window when the birds are singing or the thunder is grumbling!”

“There isn’t really a songwriter scene where I live, Brighton and London are my closest hotspots, though I quite like not being surrounded by a scene locally so that I don’t get influenced by others and can stay true to my own writing at my own pace.”

Sephine Llo

WHY the title I, Your Moon for her debut album?
“The title I, Your Moon encompasses the theme of the album – being drawn to someone but never fully reaching them, like the moon always being pulled by the earth’s gravity, but keeping its distance.”

WHEN can I see her live?
Little Laurence (her son) is keeping me very busy at the moment, being only a few months old, but I’m hoping to put together a show soon, with perhaps some live videos in the meantime.”

HOW can I get to know her better?
Listen: Soundcloud
Follow: Facebook

Listen to Sephine Llo’s latest single Paper Thin



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