la lune

la lune by mystupidsketchbook.jpgArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is she?
“My name is Olivia Judd. I started writing folky music when I was 16, but then decided to go in a new direction with electro-pop/dream-pop style music when I was 18. My family aren’t musical, but I’ve been immersed in music from a young age. I’ve picked up a variety of instruments since the age of four, from the violin to the flute. I now play the saxophone, and I’m self-taught on guitar and keys.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind her songs?
“Because I used to write folky music – and the folk, singer-songwriter genre is often very raw and honest – I put a lot of time and emphasis into my lyrics; I want them to mean something. I love the use of metaphor, and I love writing about nature – particularly water. I usually write from experience – it’s something that has happened to either myself or someone I know. I can’t really write unless I know the situation or can connect with it in some way.”

“Musically, I’m inspired by a few different artists, all for different reasons. I love the weird and unique sounds The Japanese House uses, and how soothing her sound is. I love the boldness of Lorde’s instrumentation and vocals, and how she’s so wildly different but can appeal to the masses. I love Bon Iver’s spine-chillingly, ethereal, beautiful melodies, and his cryptic, raw lyrics.”

la lune

WHERE did she grow up?
“I grew up in London, but I now live in Brighton. I much prefer Brighton, because you get all the best parts of London, such as the culture, but it’s somehow better and far less chaotic. People are kinder and weirder here, and I love that. London is somehow cold, but I did love growing up in the city. I think that has shaped me as an artist because I’ve always been exposed to so many different things. I like variety and change, hence why I decided to rebrand and pursue a different genre of music.”

WHY is she called ‘la lune’?
“I wanted to go by a pseudonym because I wanted to allow my audience to experience my music at face-value, with no prior judgement based on my appearance or my name. I really like the idea of people finding my music and listening to it, and enjoying it without knowing who I am or what I look like. I feel the industry is far too focused on appearance – particularly with female artists – and I guess this is my way of ‘rebelling’ against that! I suppose I chose the name ‘la lune’ because I’ve always been intrigued by space from an early age, and I find the moon fascinating. I also like having my name and my song titles all in lower-case, as it fits with the minimalistic nature and aesthetic of my music.”

WHEN can I see her live?
“I haven’t got any gigs planned till September or October now, as I’m burrowing away in a cave and writing my first EP, which I’m incredibly excited about! I’ll be playing the odd gig in Autumn, but I’ll be doing a big EP launch show in January in Brighton. You can keep up to date with all my socials for gig dates and tickets etc (@listentolalune).”

HOW can I get to know her better?
Listen & Watch: Soundcloud // Spotify // Website // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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