fast-romantics-by-mystupidsketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
Fast Romantics are Matthew Angus (lead singer, guitar), Jeffrey Lewis (bass), Kirty (vocals, acoustic guitar, synth), Kevin Black (guitars), Lisa Lorenz (keyboards) and Nick McKinlay (drums). Their new single Why We Fight is produced by the dynamic duo of Gus Van Go and Werner F (Arkells, Wintersleep, Whitehorse) and is taken from forthcoming album released via Light Organ/Postwar Records in Spring 2017.

Matthew tells us how the Toronto 6-piece came together. “We’ve all been playing music since we were kids. I guess we play music together because we have to. Because we wouldn’t know what else to do if we didn’t play music. I’ve heard other artists say that and it always seemed like a cop-out, but lately I think I get what they mean. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but there’s a pull to music that we couldn’t escape if we wanted to.”

“I reformed our band like a billion times, until we found the right group of people. I’ve been telling people we’re pretty much a new band, there’s only a couple members (myself and our bass player Jeff) from the original crew. But we’re the tightest friends ever now, all that exploring was worth it.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“I’ve realized since finishing the record that these all started as love songs, but the world and its weirdnesses quickly snuck its way in. A lot of the songs have their roots in romance and relationship stories, but are littered with experiences and perspectives that came from touring and recording in the USA.”

“The election was going on and every time we hit a new town you’d hear one group of people freaking out about Trump, or another group of people really excited about Trump. It was fascinating, and emotional, and hard to process, and in a way, impacts your perspective on even trying to be a normal person having a normal relationship.”

Their new single Why We Fight “started out as a song about myself, about what it is that drives me to even be in a band in the first place. But it quickly evolved into an ode to anyone who finds themselves hungry for something that might seem out of reach.”

“So the music has its roots in love songs, but the new album is as much about bizarre politics, the impact of the media on the way people think, and everybody’s modern obsession with technology. All of these themes found their way into the songs.”

“Musically, we’re mutts. So many different influences came into the making of this thing. We love older music like Springsteen, Bowie, pretty much all Motown, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young. But people like Jarvis Cocker have really influenced me as a writer and frontman. And we’re pretty much obsessed with modern music of all kinds. There’s no one inspiration in this band.”

WHERE are they from?
“The band has its roots in a town in western Canada called Calgary around 2009, but we quickly moved to the music mecca of Toronto”.

“Places are sometimes all a song is. As Canadians, you’re always subject to the whims of the giant noisy country just south of you, and like I said earlier, touring America had a massive impact on these songs. But growing up in Canada leaves a permanent imprint on you.”

“My young days in Alberta played a role in a lot of the songs (there’s a song called Alberta on the record), and various imagery from our life in Toronto finds its way into a lot of these songs. I don’t think you can write songs without accepting that they are, generally, reflections of where they were written. But a lot of them were written in America too, and you definitely hear the perspective of this foreigner travelling through America, trying to understand what the hell is going on.”


WHY are they called Fast Romantics?
“Why Not? It doesn’t mean anything really. And it definitely doesn’t mean what you’re thinking it means.”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We’re cooking up something special for our UK and European friends. It’s gonna get announced really, really soon via our Facebook page.”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Soundcloud // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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