TAIL FEATHERS by mystupidsketchbook

Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
Tail Feather are Alex, Ben, Hugh, Paul and Simon, a blues/psych five-piece who has recently released new single Space Travel, carrying on their long-standing collaboration with producer Graham Dominy (Robert Plant, Ray Davies) and building up anticipation for their EP out later in 2016.

“We all played in bands before Tail Feather, all of those bands ended at around the same time, so we were all looking for a new musical direction. It was around the beginning of 2012 that we started to jam together. We bonded over a mutual love of Peter Green, Carlos Santana and Pink Floyd. This laid the foundations for what became the Tail Feather sound.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“Musically we take our inspiration from a very wide range of genres. There are obviously regulars, but generally anything that moves us. We’re very open to new and interesting sounds. Lyrically we try to stay off the well trodden path. When we do write about the everyday, we try to keep it cryptic enough to not appear cliche. Having four songwriters in the band means we are never short of an idea.”

“New single Space Travel came together pretty quickly. We’d been jamming the riff for a little while, but the song was lacking a direction lyrically. The concept really began to form during a break at rehearsal. Conversation turned to talk of water on Mars and British astronaut Tim Peake, we popped our protein pills and never looked back.”

The band has also released an extended 8-minute version of the track. “Space Travel (Part 2) came about a little later. Not long after we wrote the first part, we went though a line up change. We brought in a new drummer, which inevitably brings new ideas to the table. Space Travel being a new song, was the first thing we jammed together as a new band. From that point the song kinda took on a life of its own. In part due to having a new member and trying to push each other musically to see what we were capable of. But mainly taking the concept of travelling through space and running with it. We gave the song four distinct shifts in mood, making a musical representation of a mission in space. The first part of the song is like the countdown, setting the scene for the mission. The shift up in tempo represents the spaceship launching into the atmosphere. The song then takes a much mellower, sparser turn. This represents the weightless feeling of floating in space. The final part of the song being the return journey to earth. ”

WHERE did they grow up?
“We all grew up and met in and around Reading. Some of us have since flown the nest, but we still write and rehearse at Alex’s (bass player) house in the countryside just outside of Reading. It’s a beautiful place off the beaten track and has played a big part in shaping our sound. We are currently working on our EP, due for release later in the year. We don’t wanna give away too much just yet, but let’s say our environment has been a huge source of inspiration for us. Being surrounded by mother nature has definitely helped to steer us in the right direction.”

“The music scene in Reading is really strong at the moment. There are some really cool bands around and some of them are breaking through to the mainstream, which can only be a good thing. We’ve always existed in our own little world in the countryside, so have never really belonged to a ‘scene’ as such, but we are definitely really excited about what is happening in the real world right now.”

Tail Feather

WHY are they called Tail Feather?
“When the band first started we spent a long time writing before playing any shows. We were finding our groove and were in no great rush to give ourselves a name. We had a few ideas, but nothing yet that fitted. A few of us moonlight as DJs and one night after a practise we were discussing plans for the weekend. Someone mentioned they had DJ set coming up and asked if the others would be in attendance. The answer given was ‘yeah, we’ll be there shaking our tail feathers’ the collective light bulb pinged. It seemed to represent our style and sound perfectly and the name stuck.”

WHEN can I see them live?
The band plays Fica na Cidade Festival in Funchal, Portugal on June 3rd and announces a full UK tour in Autumn 2016. All dates here.

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Soundcloud // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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