Vanessa Forero mystupidsketchbook

Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is she?
I’m Vanessa Forero.
Half Colombian half Yorkshire.
Composer/producer recently turned singer-songwriter.
Classical pianist recently turned folk guitarist.
Creative hermit recently turned social performer.
I learnt to play music at the same time I learnt to talk so it was never a decision to ‘do’ music, in the same way it wasn’t a decision to talk. ”

WHAT is the inspiration behind her songs?
I’m singing about things I’ve experienced & things I’ve observed.
I’m singing about things I wish I could have & things I’m confused at having.
I’m singing as me to another & I’m singing as me to myself.
I’m singing for confession & self-therapy.”

WHERE is she from?
“I live by the sea in blue-coloured Brighton.
I was born by a mill in green-coloured Bradford.
The music scene seems very eclectic in Brighton (only been here 2-months).
The music scene in Bradford was very brass-bands and folk bands.
It’s definitely shaped me as an artist, less-so the musical genre and more-so the attitude.
I was raised Colombian but in Yorskshire – both very bold breeds of friendly, fiesta, fire and backbone, and I’d say that’s definitely transferred into my musical approach.”


WHY should I listen to her?
For her pretty unique sound, where indie folk music meets authentic Colombian instruments. In her new single Same Boat you will find native Latin instruments like the charango, cuatro, Colombian hand drums, even a real marimba for some watery ripples.

WHEN can I see her live?
“There will be a spring/summer UK tour. Dates/venues to come soon so keep an eye on my social media pages and I’ll keep you updated!”

HOW can I get to know her better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Soundcloud // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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