Psyblings by mystupidsketchbook
Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
“We are Greg Dixon (vocals), Dan Coleman & Sam Bullock (guitar), Jordan Lythgoe (bass) and Ellis Cullen (drums). We’ve all known each other for a good while and have been in and out of bands and projects with each other for years. Some of the guys met in school and the rest came together in college… fast forward a few years and we’ve all ended up living together through uni so it just kind of made sense to put all our heads together and do what we all want to do with our lives together, anyway, it was always fun strumming stuff and yelling at each other on kitchen floors to start with.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“A lot of our influence comes from bands like The Doors and The Beatles all the way up to Ty Segall and Uncle Acid. The general theme is about just accepting yourself and becoming comfortable with it. We all feel the same things and as much as everyone’s story is different, we do encounter the same things in the different parts of the same place. Everyone’s been happy or sad or annoyed or isolated or excited or all of these things together. It’s just about sharing that and how and what I’ve learnt from it so (hopefully) no-one has to feel quite as alone as we think we are in it. And then there’s Lemon Whiskey Herbal Tea… that’s about getting pissed on a boat.”

WHERE did they grow up?
“We all grew up and met in Warrington. It’s always had bands breaking out to Manchester or Liverpool like Dropscience, Exile Parade, SlyDigs, Winachi Tribe and obviously Viola who were just beginning to fly the flag for the town and really get it on the map. The scene in the town itself has had phases of getting bigger and I think the mix in that output over a few years and the fact there’s not a great deal of things to do otherwise meant we’ve all been really focused and set on what we want to do from an early age really…”


WHY the name Psyblings?
“It’s definitely not so people will pronounce it right first time that’s for sure… It does kinda drive home how it feels to be in the band though. As much as we are a ‘Psych’ band and it plays with that, we are all just one big loud sweaty slightly insane family, and when we get together its like we’re more connected than a group of mates playing music together, and with that kind of feeling between us it opens up paths for the people who listen to our tracks and come to our gigs to be just as involved as we are. Especially with some of the stuff that’s happened ‘Psyblings’ has become more than just a catchy name, it’s the ethos of what we want to do. Hopefully anyway…”

WHEN can I see them live?
The band plays in Manchester at The Soup Kitchen on 11th March and at The Castle on 24th March. “Big news and big announcements are heading your way soon too. Stay in touch, we wouldn’t want you to miss out…”. Keep updated here.

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen: Soundcloud
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter



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