San Felu by mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
San Felu is the solo project of P J Pearson. You may know him as one half of cinematic alt-rockers Liu Bei, he is also co-writer and featured musician on Grace Lightman’s Vapour Trails, and live performer with Waylor (Matt Taylor from Dry The River’s new project).

San Felu’s second single Sanctuary Blues, following debut Cape of Good Hope, was released February 29th and produced by James Bragg (also behind Gengahr’s A Dream Outside LP).

But why did P J Pearson started playing music in the first place? “I think the question to why play music is a question I ask myself more and more as I get older” he tells. “It’s in no way a stable living, and it can be so pitifully cut throat. But I can’t help but think I have a duty to music. It’s consumed my life, given me a skill set, and spat out some priceless stories and friends. I’m incredibly lucky to be a working musician, but the rewards are most definitely in the detail.”

“Apart from why carry on being a musician, I started because my schoolmate on the bus made me a few mix tapes of Nirvana and Skunk Anansie and the Fugees. After that I never really thought of much else.”

WHAT is he singing about?
“Ha, singing is a nice way to put it, I’d say rambling but… Sanctuary Blues was the title of a failed attempt at a short story, I liked the concept, but thought the writing sucked, so I moulded it into a piece instead. I’d have to reference ‘Sirens of Titan’ by Vonnegut as an influence on the second verse, with a few true events thrown in. Essentially it’s an amalgamation of ideas that flip flop between fiction and fantasy, as well as being a continuation of the first single Cape of Good Hope.”

san felu

WHERE is he from and how have the places he’s lived in shaped him as an artist?
“That’s a thoughtful question and I often think how surroundings can affect your output. Personally, inspiration comes in strange waves, being on a mountain won’t necessarily make you write about being on a mountain, if that makes sense. Location is not the root of inspiration. I write a lot of lyrics in the car, or when I’m in bed, usually at moments when I have no distractions. Lyrics always come first for me. It’s the most important ingredient.”

“I can’t deny that I grew up in a beautiful part of the world, the South West of England is certainly a law unto itself, bohemian to say the least in its music. For me though, living here effects the way I approach writing, the sound and colour of the piece, not the narrative.”

WHY the name San Felu?
“Well, aside from it being a misspelling of the Spanish resort Sant Feliu, which translates as Saint Felix, it doesn’t really have any special meaning. I think it may have been a lyric in a Bullet Union track, and I poached it from that subconsciously, but I had no idea it was a town until I did some digging, hence the spelling. Pretty boring reason really. Sorry. ”

WHEN can I see him live?
“I’d love to reel off a string of headline dates, but currently there’s none booked. Anyone wanna see it, I’ll come play your living room….”

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen: Website // Soundcloud // Spotify
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

LYRICS I came down to earth on a satellite somewhere // Near the cape of good hope // And covered in rags they were taking your picture // You had cut all your hair // And I was there in the back of the church with Diana // If god gives you landmines // You hand him back flowers // It’s Sanctuary Blues // Sanctuary Blues // These Sanctuary Blues // Everyone stood like Halloween costumes // Pretending that death was a friend of a friend // So I rode for Jerusalem // With an artichoke heart // On the back of a fire engine // Handing out lemons // If anyone asks // It’s the church of indifference // And people // People are just like leaves // Moving in no direction // And I try not to read them all // And people // People are just like leaves // Left floating in the bottom of my tea // And I try not to read them all // These Sanctuary Blues // I was there on the edge drinking coconut water // And in glorious gesture you leant me your bible of Frankie O Hara // Where you’d marked out the pages with candy bar wrappers // And everything matters // It’s a matter of atoms



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