Tape UK


We thought, why not make the first Five Ws of 2016 a bit special? So we had a chat with Dillon Willis, Tape UK Founder, who is trying to make a difference to homelessness in the UK through music. Read the Five Ws of Tape UK and help him spread the word.

WHAT is Tape UK?
“Tape UK is a new and unique not-for-profit organisation. Our aim is to build a music platform, in which all profits go towards helping to provide for the homeless.”

WHERE do you wish to help?
“We want to help in as many different places as possible! It’s just a case of seeing how far we can take this and hopefully, eventually we will be able to provide food, clothing, shelter and other resources directly to the homeless people across the world.”

WHO are the people behind Tape UK and how did they come up with the idea?
“During May 2015 I began funding for this idea and building support from the lovely people around me and online. I soon gained full funding for this not-for-profit and am now looking to kick all off during 2016! I came up with the idea simply because I love music and would love to make a difference in the people’s lives who need it the most. From there, the challenge was to combine these things and to make this into something unique!”

WHY do you think Tape UK and its message are important?
“Tape UK’s message is the most important thing of all about the organisation. This is because it not only helps us to raise awareness but also might persuade more people to help the homeless too!”

WHEN is Tape UK kicking off ?
“Tape UK will hopefully kick off completely during 2016! We are planning a launch event as we speak and more information of this should be announced shortly!”

HOW can people help?
“The most helpful thing people can do is just raise awareness as much as possible! If we want to make this into something worthwhile and special, we need to make this as big as possible so that we can help more people! If anyone has any ideas to contribute to the organisation, feel free to get in touch!”

Facebook // Twitter // TapeUK@gmail.com



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