Blinds by mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
“My name is Brian Zaremba, and I began Blinds initially as a solo project. It really began at the beginning of the year when I released Dana Sue Gray, the lead single off the EP, back in February (2015). The project had been gestating though for a few months before that after a previous band had dissolved, and I had all this leftover material that I was working on. I decided to harness it for Blinds.”

“After I put out that single I got a pretty good response from my friends and decided I had something and should keep going. So I went into to record the rest of my EP with my friend Vian Zaayman, and as that was going on I started putting a band together. My closest friends were the ones who’d answer the call. Austin, Alex, and Antonio are all good friends of mine, pretty much my crew since I moved to Nashville a couple years ago. Sam who plays drums is the step brother of a girl I used to date. We’re all cool with each other. By the time the full EP dropped in September (2015) the whole band was together pretty much. Alex came a little later.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“The EP, thematically, is pretty much all about me trying to find love. I think every song on there is about a different girl except Void which is all about me quitting the job I had when I first started Blinds. I had been living that whole bachelor lifestyle for a while now, and I really wanted something stable. A lot of those songs are about my attempts at that and people just flaking on me. Kathryn is obviously about a girl, my last girlfriend that I had during that writing period. We actually broke up recently, but we’re ok. We agree that it was for the best, and I kind of realize now that I just need to be on my own for the time being.”

“Musically I always wanted to do something on the darker end of things. I’ve always been inspired by crime movies, or things on the darker side, art house stuff along with that. I get influenced a lot by visuals, and I wanted to be able to translate that musically. Melodies will come to me just by watching movies or driving around at night. Movies like Blade Runner had a really big impact on me. To me that is just one of the most beautiful movies in every aspect. Along with that I’m influenced a good bit by hip hop especially those beats that Drake raps on a lot or Pusha T. If I try to write something optimistic it just comes off too fake to me. It feels like I’m lying and not being true to myself. I think there is some of it in our music, but I think it’s more confidence than just riding off into the sunset on a white horse.”

Photo: Sam Polonsky
Photo: Sam Polonsky

WHERE did they grow up?
“I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. I don’t know how much of it really influenced me. I think if anything it’s more the people that I hung out with who really influenced me. Huntsville is like a small city. It’s nothing like a bustling metropolis so you end up just spending a lot of your time getting weird and hanging out in a friend’s garage. But that sort of nocturnal lifestyle is something I definitely draw upon for inspiration. Where some people may romanticize it as a punk rock life I always kind of viewed as a more “Fear and Loathing” type of lens, the slow decay of human society kind of thing.”

“My friend Steffan turned me on to a lot of the darker stuff that I dig now like rap and metal. I would say that my open mind to different genres and art is owed a lot to him. I can’t speak for the other guys, but I know that Alex, Antonio, and Austin all grew up in the same part of Florida, and I think they experienced a life similar to mine. Make your paycheck and blow it on booze. Sort of a circular lifestyle that can entrap a lot of people if you don’t keep your eye on a prize. Sam, our drummer, grew up in Nashville so he’s the true native out of all of us.”

WHY are they called ‘Blinds’?
“I wish I had a story behind the name but it’s completely nonsensical. I just looked around my room one day and stared at my window blinds. I just thought of the name on the spot and asked some friends what they thought of it. They thought it was “v cool” so I went with it. People seem to like the name and feels like it works with our style so I just kind of accept it now.”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We’re done for 2015, but we’ve already got some gigs booked for 2016. On January 13 we’re playing at Mercy Lounge and on February 18 at Foobar both in Nashville. In May we have a tour booked to go all around the south from Texas to part of the east coast.”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Soundcloud // Spotify //Noisetrade // Bandcamp // Youtube
Like & Follow: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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