Charlie Lim mystupidsketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“I’m Charlie Lim, a singer-songwriter/musician/producer from Singapore. I started playing music since I was a kid, always tinkering on my mother’s piano trying to figure out songs by ear. I grew up playing in church and school bands; and started taking performing and songwriting a lot more seriously after I moved to Melbourne when I was 14.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind his songs?
“I guess I identify with themes of melancholia and self-reflection. I enjoy observing the human condition and making sense of why we do what we do, especially in the context of relationships. I think my lyrics are quite self-explanatory in a narrative sense; but I also spend a lot of time trying to draw parallels to different contexts and metaphors that aren’t as clichéd…I try to avoid being the typical singer-songwriter and experiment as much as I can. The production of the record is just as important in order to expand that notion. I’m influenced by a lot of soul and R&B music as well, so I think that helps stir the pot of ideas when putting a song together.”


And while you sparkled in a different scene I tunnelled through the hours replaying the past just like a broken record – I Only Tell the Truth


WHERE is he from?
“I lived in Melbourne for about 7 years and studied jazz performance at university there, so that definitely shaped my view on a lot of things. It was great to be part of a strong student musician community that focused on working on craft before anything else. I’m currently back in Singapore as that’s where home is to me, and the scene here is bustling. There’s no better time to do original music than before as there’s a lot of support from the local community and various governing arts councils that want to help put Singaporean music on the world map. ”

WHY should I listen to him?
Charlie brilliantly combines narrative-driven songwriting and experimental pop production in a beautiful, never dull way.

Charlie Lim

WHEN can I see him live?
“We’ve been playing a bunch of festivals in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia over the past few months…there’s the Singapore International Jazz Festival in March next year where we’ll be headlining alongside great acts like Hiatus Kaiyote, Joss Stone and Buena Vista Social Club so that’s pretty exciting! We hope to do a bit more touring early next year as well before I move to the UK in the later half of 2016. You can check out the website or the Facebook page for more information!”

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Soundcloud // Spotify // Bandcamp // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Watch the video for I Only Tell The Truth off new album ‘Time/Space’
“It involved renting a decommissioned air plane, roaming in the forest, drowning in 5 degree ocean waters in the dead of winter haha. Enjoy!” says Charlie (iTunesLimited Edition CD).



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