Bella Spinks mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is she?
“My name is Bella Spinks. I grew up in a musical household, my parents, who are both musicians, taught me to play piano and guitar and left me to my own devices! I started writing songs when I was about 9 years old, I enjoyed being able to play until something spoke to me rather than following someone else’s pattern. When I was about 12 or 13 my songwriting started to become more about helping my friends- showing some sympathy and understanding for the difficult things that happen when you are a teenager. It has evolved since then, but at the heart of what I do is sharing a story or a feeling that I find interesting or inspiring.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind her songs?
People and stories inspire me to write. For example Regenerate is about a man I met on a bus in Brighton who was looking for his son. He seemed so sad and tortured as if he had been searching for years. That instance inspired me very heavily to write a song which felt angry and lonely and I still think of him now when I perform it.”

Bella’s Debut EP is out now on Sublime Recordings (get your copy here). “Making the EP was one of the most exciting ventures I have experienced as a musician. Working with Matt Ingram (drummer/producer) was particularly exciting- for me it’s a rare thing to meet someone who understands you as a musician and shares your vision of your music. Also having Fyfe Dangerfield involved was incredible- Fyfe did the string arrangements and completely captured the slightly crazy ideas I had for the EP. It’s something I will forever be proud of.”Bella SpinksPhoto: Scarlet Spinks

WHERE did she grow up?
“I grew up mostly in Brighton, which as a teenager was a wonderful place to be a musician in. The city had a great youth live music scene and it gave me a really good training for performing live because I realised how important it was to have a well rehearsed and interesting show. Nothing will teach you more than playing in lots of noisy pubs where no one is listening- you need to work to make people take notice of you.”

WHY should I listen to her ?
Bella has the power to capture your attention through her creative writing qualities and an enchanting voice that seems to come right out of a fairy tale.

WHEN can I see her live?
“I have played some amazing shows this year and am rounding off 2015 with a friend’s living room show. I am looking forward to booking some more shows for the new year….so you’ll have to wait till then!”

HOW can I get to know her better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Spotify // Soundcloud // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Listen to Bella Spinks Debut EP



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