Gnoomes by mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
“We are Gnoomes, Russian band from Perm, Urals. The line-up consists of Alex (bass & vox), Pasha (drums & percussion) and Dima (guitar). We (Alex and Pasha) played in another Russian garage band ‘Powlers’ about 5 years ago, but we wanted to make something more melodic without the groove loss. Besides, we had to work as event cover musicians in restaurants, local pubs and so on. It gave us lots of experience and mostly the will not to be involved in this sphere anymore. Have you ever seen Russian weddings? Ha-ha! You have to watch it on YouTube! So we started Gnoomes in early 2014 with another guitarist, then Dima came in and the Gnoomes story began.”

“During 2014 we rehearsed a lot and produced our first EP It’s moonbow-time, boy. This work was heavily influenced by classical and modern Shoegaze and Dream-pop bands like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lotus Plaza etc. For example the last track Night Queen on the album was influenced by Axel Willner projects (Hands, The Field). At that time appeared the idea of ‘stargaze’: music that will never do harm to your ears, music for lying on the grass at night.”

“Pasha is a big fan of shoegaze scene, Alex is more keen on German krautrock and Dima loves traditional American music. We think about our track Roadhouse as a great symbiosis of what we’re all listening to.”

WHAT are they singing about?
“For us the best example of song-writing is Bradford Cox (Deerhunter). He doesn’t care about the real meaning (behind the lyrics), music is the main element of what he does, that’s why he leaves so much place to imagination.”

“We’re aiming at pop melodies with elementary lyrics. That’s because we’re not native speakers, we just want to reflect what’s going on in our souls and (let the) music speak for itself at first. The words seem less (important) than the melody in Gnoomes music. We’re singing about our inner subconscious world, that often get inspired by Ural nature, by our friends who are maybe the main source of the humor. The lyrics are always written by Alex, he describes them as psychedelic stories which come to his mind while the band is jamming, or when he sits alone in the bathroom.”

WHERE are they from?
“We were all born in Perm region (Russia), but in different places. Dima’s native town is Kungur (this town was founded in 17th century, Kungur is also known for one of the biggest ice caves in the European part of Russia), but he had to live in Western Ukraine during his early childhood.”

“Pasha is from Komi region, the region where Finno-Ugric people lived before Russians came. Now the Komi population is about 100 000 people all over the world, and Pasha is the unique example of Komi native speaker. We visited Pasha’s born place one year ago, and when we think about it now we start having goosebumps, because it’s a territory with very sad energy. The time has stopped there and it’s hard to define in what century (you are). Men very often commit suicide and even the youngest women look very old. It’s odd to imagine little Pasha playing with rotten trees instead of real toys, but we believe that these thoughts gave a serious impact on our music. As for Alex, he was born in Perm, the centre of our region, and the city where we’re living now.”

We have music and it helps us concentrate on positive things.

“Speaking of music scene, there are plenty of bands in Perm, but only few of them do something worthy. It’s easy to give up as musician in Perm, because everyone count you a slacker and no one take you seriously: “Psychedelic? What the hell? Give up this shit and get yourself a job? How much money can you earn by thrumming the guitar?” are phrases addressed to us very often. People are crazy about making money, but the fact they lack of background doesn’t bother them at all. Maybe the biggest part of Perm music scene is occupied by all kinds of metal. Garage scene was quite big, but those times are over. Kids grew up and got themselves ‘good’ jobs.”

WHY are they called Gnoomes?
“We think that ‘Gnoomes’ are a kind of inner idiots that live in our souls and appear only when we start making music. So we created a name for these creatures. It’s related to something mythological but in a more humorous form. Besides we like how it visually looks. We prefer to think of it as “The Mask” for Stanely Ipkiss. :)”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We’re very excited to announce that our first European tour will take place in late October 2015. We already have dates in Baltics, Germany and Czech Republic. We’re gonna play our first festival show at Annihilate Gathering in Leipzig with our label-mates Lay Llamas (29-30 Oct 2015).”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Soundcloud //Youtube // Bandcamp
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Listen to debut single Roadhouse released October 9th

Debut album – NGAN! released via Rocket Recordings (UK) October 16th.



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