Coral Florist by mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“I’m Jon Prokopowitz, and I’m a musician and artist from northern New Jersey. I started playing bass as a teenager, and since then have picked up many more instruments. I’ve always greatly enjoyed listening to music and seeking out things that I like. I get inspired from what I hear, as well as ideas about what I’d like to hear.”

WHAT is his creative process like?
“For myself creating in a more pop-oriented format, I utilize my brain’s ‘fill in’ function for many things. I record all the non-vocal instrumentation first, and then move on to figuring out the melody and words. Even in the beginning stages of a song, I’ll hum the parts into a voice recorder- usually pulling the notes out of the ether and then revising them. I’m just using pareidolia in small layers to come to a seemingly original point. I feel especially when doing this in a pop format however, I’m just building on the years and years of music and melodies stored in my brain and mashing bits and pieces together subconsciously.”

WHERE is he based?
“I still live in the home I grew up in. It’s in a fairly suburban but also sort of woodsy area. I don’t like venturing out too far a lot, I’m kind of an introverted person in that sense. I think having a specific place to call home has given me a nest to stash all my resources that I can use for artistic purposes.”

“To be honest, I’m not really sure what the music scene is like around me. I’m certain that directly locally there isn’t very much, I haven’t met too many artists that come from and enjoy working here. That being said, I am close to New York City, but the stress and intense vibe levels of going in aren’t worth it for me. I’ll tag along with friends when they go, but I’ve never sought out going to the city before like some of my friends have.”

Coral FloristWHY is he called Coral Florist?
“I think like any artist who has a large number of projects, I keep lists of good names. I believe I had just the word “Coral” written down as an inspiration point, and I searched for a back end to the name. It’s a sort of zany name when you think about it too much.”

WHEN can I see him live?
“I’m not sure if I’ve ever been comfortable performing. Even if it’s telling the guy at the gas station what to do (We can’t pump our own gas in NJ), I’ll rehearse it in my head beforehand and still say something funny. That’s why I like being a visual artist as well, I can show my work and it is how it is, there’s almost no chances of messing it up when showing. I suppose I have fear of messing up, haha (FOMU).”

“In terms of music I’m a perfectionist, I want my music to sound exactly how I imagine it. Because I have really big ideas for composing, I love the way I can sit down and work on a song for hours, building it up in layers and really sculpting it into something I think sounds good.”

“For myself right now, I imagine playing live would be full of compromise and anxiety. Also, everything for me is by ear, I can’t read music even if it’s just chord letters. For me it comes down to the question, “Can I jam?”. I can jam along on bass, and hence I’ve played live many times along with a band. Keyboard though, which is really the crux of this music, is still very un-jammable for me.”

I don’t really write with the intent of playing it live, I write it for the sake of creating something I want to manifest from my head and into the real world.

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen & Read: Bandcamp // Lyrics
Like & Follow: Facebook // Instagram

Listen to Coral Florist’s latest release entitled Zodiac Time here.

Zodiac time



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