Kamino by mystupidsketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
“We are Kamino, a five-piece UK alternative rock band. The band consists of myself (Ed) on lead vocals & guitar, Paul on lead guitar, Bec on synths, Dan on bass, and Chris on drums. We founded Kamino about a year ago, after undergoing a studio session and doing a lot of groundwork to prepare the band. Kamino has been active now for just over three months, with three shows and a debut music video under our belts so far.”

WHAT are they singing about?
“As songwriter for Kamino, a lot of different inspirations & influences go into the music that I write. At heart, musically and in terms of ethos, we have always aspired to be a rock and roll band, however we are no strangers to all genres of music – the five of us share a lot of common ground in musical tastes but also bring a lot of differing influences & favourite artists to the table. Therefore indirectly the influences upon Kamino are quite vast & varied, but in terms of the fundamentals to our sound & our stagecraft, we take inspiration from bands such as Muse, Enter Shikari, Queens of the Stone Age, Young Guns and Royal Blood.

Lyrically, my songs can be very personal – a huge part of myself, my feelings & past experiences, content from dreams, can be found lurking within them. The lyrics that I write mean a great deal to me and I try to keep this as personal as I can within my writing. What makes me happy is seeing and hearing listeners take their own views on what they hear – their interpretations could completely differ from what I know as the meaning, and that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned. Alongside the personal I also like to write with a narrative in mind – songs concerning stories or characters from ancient mythology, political themes, conspiracies… But again, I try to keep these as open as possible, or hide a second, less-obvious meaning within them.” KaminoWHERE are they from?
“Within Kamino’s lineup actually resides two sets of siblings – myself & Chris are brothers and Dan & Bec are brother and sister. We became good friends through school and university – all of us spent our teens and still live in the same area just north of Bristol. As individuals we like to travel – myself and Chris also lived abroad at a very young age, and between us we have seen a lot of places, although so few when put into perspective in terms of the size of the world. We would all certainly agree that these experiences shape and inspire us as people and as musicians.

Bristol itself has a very vibrant and colourful music scene. There’s a vast amount of different weird and wonderful genres and artists scattered around every corner of the city. There have been a number of venue closures over the past few years, which is sad for such a musical city with a great unsigned scene. We live rurally just north of Bristol itself and even in the local area there is a great hype for music – there are a lot of bands and artists crafting a whole variety of different sounds there. A lot of our fans live close by to us too and have been wonderful in their support for Kamino so far, making the effort to come into the city for shows and giving it their all in the process.”

WHY ‘Kamino’?
“It was a long process in coming up with a name for our new project, which involved a lot of list making and reviewing, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat… But eventually we found Kamino from a list somewhere and it stuck with us. “Camino”, in Spanish, means a path, a journey. Our journey has just begun and we would love for you to come along this path with us.”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We are currently working on booking shows to see out the remainder of 2015 for Kamino, having just played our first three shows since launching in April, including Bristol Harbour Festival last weekend. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on when and where you’ll be able to see us live over the next few months, as well as many other exciting things we have in the pipeline.”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Watch Kamino’s video for debut track Antidote



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