Roman Scott mystupidsketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“I am a singer-songwriter, beatboxer, producer and perform with synth/keys. I started beatboxing when I was around 12, crafting and developing that for about 5 years. After that I got a thirst for more music and started producing music, eventually leading to my first EP which really came out of the blue… I discovered Chet Faker and that set off a load of inspiration leading to the creation of that record ‘Heart of Hibiscus’ (free download here).

Between that EP and the new one I decided to take to the live stage with ‘Roman Scott’ as it were, putting my beatboxing, synth playing and singing all together, which created an interesting fusion of sounds that kind of just all came together.”

WHAT is he singing about?
“Errrr… Haha. Girls? Nahh I have a lot of things that inspire me, one of the first songs I ever wrote was about homelessness, which seems to be getting a lot worse and is a real issue that needs addressing. Some of it is general life; bad times, good times but yeah a lot of my music is kind of about a girl or previous snippets of relationships… Jealousy, part time lovers & not to forget the good things in relationships!”

Roman ScottWHERE did he grow up?
“I grew up mainly in England. I was born here then moved over to Portugal, then back to England, London & finally ended up down south in Brighton. I love the scene in Brighton, I feel like it’s a big melting pot of creativity waiting to explode. The music scene down here is definitely amazing and helps you grow as an artist to push you forward.”

WHY should I listen to him?
You can’t stand still when you listen to Roman’s music! Plus, his vocals are so captivating that they hold your attention all the way through.

WHEN can I see him live?
“My next gig is in Camden on the 3rd of August. I am hoping to have news on a potential tour so keep your eyes on my Facebook to be up to date with what’s coming up!”

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen: Soundcloud // Music Glue
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Watch Roman perform Part Time Lover for Stripped Back Bare live sessions



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