Bobby Ward mystupidsketchbook Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“I’m a creator. I’ve always created things. For me, music is just another medium in amongst many others. I would carve my songs into stone if it sounded as good as strumming them on the guitar.

My first musical memory was moving into a new house when I was about 5 years old. The previous owners had left a guitar in my room. It was an old ‘Flying V’ in scarlet red, it was missing all of its strings, and it looked quite dated, but it gave me a buzz. A family friend came round shortly afterwards and strung it up for me, also giving me a tiny old 15-watt amp to go with it. I still have both these bits of kit in my studio.

I started writing music before I knew how to play properly. I can’t remember my first song but I recently found a book full of lyrics I wrote when I was 10.

My ears have a giant appetite and are always hungry for new sounds, so I’ve played every genre you can think of, from playing in classical orchestras and jazz ensembles-to heavy rock bands. This has taken me all the way to rapping in a hip-hop inspired blend. I’ve always done whatever I want with my music and not been swayed by what other people say about it. Neither have I cared about slotting into a genre. Last year I was popping into venues around London and playing my music as a solo act on a 7 string bass. I would sing drones of depressing lyrics over the top of the thick bass sound. Most people didn’t like it, and, looking back on it, neither did I. But people would often be fascinated by who the crazy guy with a 7 string bass was. Just being an item of fascination was an experience in itself.”

Bobby Ward

WHAT is he singing about?
“The lyrics to all 5 tracks on the Peace EP are based on journals I wrote between the ages of 18-20, when I was really struggling with depression. It’s something I’ve since overcome. This is thanks to many different factors and a lot of time and patience, but the songs I wrote during that time really helped me get through it. I literally wrote out how I was feeling from day to day and also responded to myself with a positive message to all of those thoughts. For example, most days I would repeat mantras to myself like “it’s just a bad day, it’s not a bad life”. This was mainly when I was trying not to exaggerate life’s little ups and downs. Eventually, these positive messages sunk in.

If you listen to Peter Pan from the Peace EP, (although it’s hardly my most popular song), you hear the best example of this journal writing turned songwriting. That song really takes you on a journey, and, just like all journeys in life, the journeys in my songs end on a positive note.”

WHERE did he grow up?
“Bedford…yeah, Bedford.

WHY should I listen to him?
The way Bobby delivers his songs transports you into his world and in his words you can feel his passion not only for music but for life.

WHEN can I see him live?
“Alas, my drummer is getting married soon and is busy arranging it so I’m not able to gig at all at the moment. It’s a shame because I can’t wait to play Peace live for the first time. I could get a session player in but my current drummer (who’s also my cousin) has an irreplaceable groove on those drums. We click really well as a two-piece band, and its just pure vibes.”

HOW can I get to know him better?
Listen & Watch: Website // Soundcloud // Youtube
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Watch the video for Peace



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