Eat Crepes by mystupidsketchbookArtwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
Eat Crepes are a three-piece synth-pop/rock band consisting of Matt Haronian (keyboard, production), Dane Granja (lead vocals), Sherry Romanzi (guitar, ukulele). All three of them write and sing.

They formed 2 years ago, after Dane and Matt left a previous band. “Originally it was going to be a two-person electronic group, but we thought that something was missing, so Sherry joined as a guitarist (and later ukulelist)”. Matt heartily supported this addition, as he and Sherry started dating around the same time. The addition of Sherry as another instrumentalist opened up a whole new dimension. Eat Crepes became more of a “band” and less of a “project,” and a sound began to emerge: contrasted electronic elements with human elements.

Entropy is the first single off of an album we plan on finishing and releasing this summer” they tell us. “Self-production was a necessity at first and has since become an integral part of how we do what we do. Since we don’t have a drummer, our live drum tracks are the actual sequenced drums from our recordings. The production is part of the performance. We also feel it helps keep our music genuine, since it’s entirely a product of our own efforts. Matt handles all of the technical stuff.”

WHAT are they singing about?
“The idea of a sound based on the human/machine contrast became a huge conceptual influence for us. An idea we often include is the interaction between people and technology. This was the heart of our first and most popular song, You Complete the Circuit, which Matt started writing in Dane’s basement.”

“We don’t exclusively focus on this one theme, but it’s a big one that recurs. Entropy kind of has that in a weird way, but not really. It’s more about finding acceptance as an outsider. I think it was partially (maybe unconsciously) inspired by our social experiences in high school.”

Eat CrepesWHERE are they from?
“We’re all from Rhode Island, United States. Dane and Matt lived there their whole lives, and Sherry moved there about 6 years ago. The capital, Providence, has been sort of a hub for us. It is Sherry’s place of residence, and the part of the state with the most happening local arts scene. Aside from a small band showcase at Dane and Matt’s high school in Warwick, all of our performances have been at venues and open mics in Providence.”

“The music scene in Rhode Island is way, way cooler than it should be for the size of the state. Aside from all the kick-ass local bands (of which there are quite a few: Rare Occasions, Arc Iris, the Stilts, Jetty, Last One Out, and others), there are some pretty successful larger acts like Deer Tick, Magic Man, and Matt & Kim.”

WHY ‘Eat Crepes’?
“It’s our personal rock star version of an infamous Biggie Smalls quote: F…B… Eat Crepes.”

WHEN can I see them live?
“We’re all at different schools, so we won’t be performing until this summer. That said, we’ll also be releasing our album in the summer. A lot will be happening then.”

HOW can I get to know them better?
Listen & Watch: Spotify // Soundcloud // Youtube // Bandcamp
Like & Follow: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Watch the lyrics video for Entropy



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